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Career Opportunities

Being a member of the Decatur PD is a rewarding career. There are many opportunities for career advancement and professional growth.

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Police Officer Career Opportunities

Crime Scene Investigator

Crime Scene Investigator – use forensic clues to solve crimes

Criminal Investigator

Criminal Investigator – investigate major crimes such as robberies and murders

K-9 Officer

K-9 Officer – patrol the streets to keep drugs out of our community

Patrol Officer

Patrol Officer – be on the front lines assisting citizens and crime victims

Organized Crime Unit

Organized Crime Unit – investigate drug crimes, gather intelligence, work undercover operations, and conduct search warrants

School Resource Officer

School Resource Officer – be a part of a nationally recognized unit making our schools a safer place for learning

Special Response Unit

Special Response Unit – master the skills of high-risk building entries, special weapons and tactics, and hostage negotiation

Traffic Enforcement Officer

Traffic Enforcement Officer – investigate traffic accidents, including fatalities, and use state-of-the-art lasers to enforce traffic laws that keep drivers safe